RLR’s Company Outing: Working With Renewed Mind & Heart

Members of the RLR Core Group gathered at the ARYA Industria by Ragtime Villas in Dagupan, Pangasinan last April 26-28, 2024 for their annual team-building outing. The activities were facilitated by Mr. Ross Villamil, who is a seasoned Organizational Development practitioner with over two decades of experience in handling big corporations. The gathering provided an opportunity to boost synergy among members of the Core Group, resulting in a more cohesive RLR unit committed to providing the best services to its clients.

The entire RLR Core Group was divided into four teams, each team consisting of members from different departments. Each activity was intended to uncover valuable lessons by always discussing the insights and what has worked, after each group activity. These activities reflect the elements of a high-performing team: trust, communication, conflict management, and collaboration.

Trust is the foundation of good working relationships. By instilling accountability and confidence in team members, trust fosters better teamwork. Along with trust, establishing good and clear communication makes tasks more efficient. It allows everyone to be heard, streamline suggestions, and receive feedback, reducing the risk of miscommunication and mishaps. However, conflicts are inevitable, hence, conflict management is an essential skill to have to navigate disputes, arrive at a resolution, and move forward with the tasks. Lastly, collaboration is the key element that weaves together a team. By harnessing individual strengths and channeling them towards collective goals, the team reflected the essence of teamwork.

The official activities culminated with presentations from each department, wherein each team reintroduced their roles, goals, and action plans. The research department commits to delivering high-quality insights to clients while also expanding its client base. The field department, being the heart of the operation, vows to dedicate both their minds and hearts to their projects to deliver accurate data. The data management and information technology department plans to enhance their efficiency through task automation. Lastly, the company support department reiterated its dedication to providing efficient support across all units.

With this renewed mind and heart, along with better trust, communication, conflict management, and collaboration, the RLR Family is eager to tackle projects with enhanced camaraderie and synergy.