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The research unit is the heart of our different services, developing and leading projects for our clients. Our research team works hand-in-hand with our field and data management team to unlock the potential of our clients’ data through specialized research and analysis methodologies, aimed to solve our clients’ needs.

Data Management

The data management unit is the caretaker of our data operations, ascertaining the security, accuracy, completeness, and relevancy of all of our collected data. Our data management team is responsible for empowering our research team to collect, store, process, check, protect, retrieve, and share data.


The field unit is at the forefront of our operations, responsible for connecting with our respondents to collect the data that fuels our projects. It is our utmost commitment that our field team maintains the integrity and quality of work for all of our field operations, nationwide.

Human Resources & Admin

The human resources (HR) & admin unit is the support arm of our team. HR & admin’s primary goal is to nourish and sustain our working culture and environment at RLR, through the management of the welfare and performance of our team members.


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