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Unlocking your brand’s potential with RLR’s Brand Locksmith™

Understanding how consumers value your brand and your competitors is critical in knowing how to gain competitive advantage in the market.

Brand equity is derived based on how consumers perceive a brand, and how consumers engage with the brand. With RLR’s Brand Locksmith™, you can identify the factors that drive Consumer Perception and Consumer Engagement that will allow you to craft the key in strengthening your brand’s value.

Holistic and Integrated

By converging all data inputs, the RLR Singularity™ single-score is able to encapsulate the overall customer sentiment.
Each attribute is weighted by level of importance for each individual respondent, which makes the RLR Singularity™ a highly sensitive performance metric as it considers the variance of attribute relevance across each individual.
Index scores of other research agencies rely on 4 to 5 data points only.