RLR Research & Analysis Inc


Complete suite of services for the market research needs of companies here and abroad which penetrate into the perceptions and insights of today’s customer, employee, or citizen.

Market Research

Exploratory Research
Concept Ideation
Product & Pricing Testing
Ethnography/In-Home Observation
Advertising pre and post test
Shopper Behaviour

In-Depth Understanding of Profiles or Segments

Concept, Product & Sensory Tests
Advertising pre and post test
Customer & Employee Satisfaction
Traffic count
Profiling and Segmentation
Recruitment & Interview of Executives
Panel Research/Retail Audit

Business Intelligence

Mystery Shopping
Compliance Checking
Competitive Intelligence
Panel Research/ Retail Audit


Campaign Management

Data Management & Operations

Survey Programming and Hosting for CAPI CATI and CAWI
Use of Android App (Survey System)
Data Processing
Data Management and Analysis
Data Entry, Processing and Table Generation
  • Logic checking
  • Encoder friendly
  • Manage picture and audio for CAPI and CATI methods.
  • Significance Testing
  • Weighted/Unweighted
  • Multi-level banners
Data Analysis
Analysis & Report Preparation

Polling and Public Opinion

As we get nearer to the 2022 PH presidential election cycle, polling becomes an important information tool for industries and candidates in order to predict outcomes. Our polling services provide you the snapshot in time needed to predict a finite future result, usually an election – horse races and generic ballots.

RLR Research has the following polling solutions:

CATI, CAPI, CAWI, and in-person. We can do face-to-face interviews with up-to-date safeguards and standards during this time of pandemic.

Consumer Research

RLR’s consumer studies provide insights on inclinations, motivations, preferences, and purchasing behavior of targeted consumers to help marketers understand the fundamental reasons behind consumer choices.

Automotive Research

The automotive industry includes many subgroups including vehicle engineering, design; next generation manufacturing (including component and automotive parts); distribution (including re-selling); and aftermarket services and parts replacement.

RLR’s automotive researches leverage technology and data to provide clients insights, forecasts, and advice across every major market and the entire automotive value chain- from product planning to marketing, sales, and the aftermarket.


Learning about people and societies so clients can create products and services that cater to various needs of the people.

RLR recognizes that different socio-economic groups from different parts of the country think differently. Various aspects of human behavior need to be addressed to understand their thoughts and feedback about the social world.   Social research can be prompted for various reasons – new feature, new market trend, or an upgrade in old technology.

RLR conducts social research through qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze a variety of social occurrences.

Qualitative: direct communication with members of a market, observation; results are focused more on being accurate rather than generalizing to the entire population

Quantitative: use of statistical analysis to evaluate data collected via surveys, polls or questionnaires.