RLR Research & Analysis Inc


RLR Research & Analysis, Inc. is looking for talented individuals to join our market research force in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. If you are interested in doing sound and quality market research and working closely with a team of hardworking and diligent folks, contact us about open positions.
Data Management Department
  • Manages DATA as a valuable resource.
  • Enables the Company to collect, store, process, protect, retrieve, and share research data
  • Ascertains the security, accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of multiple pieces of data.
  • Encompasses IT functions for the Company – computer networking, programming, website and social media platforms updates or technical support
Research Department
  • Handles the demands of research design & methodology, budgeting, project management, internal client support, and supplier management
  • In addition, it functions to find, develop, and maintain central access to research tools, secondary reports, in-house research results, questionnaire templates, sample sources, in-house panels and communities.
  • Responsible for directly producing, or through partners, training for in-house researchers as well as internal clients (for example, product concept testing, message testing).
Human Resources Department
  • Primarily responsible for the handling and deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce
  • Performs a range of functions as recruitment & selection, performance management, function evaluation, implementation of rewards/benefits, industrial relations, employee participation & communication, health & safety, personal wellbeing, and administrative responsibilities.
Field Department
  • Performs a variety of functions as convening respondents, ensuring 100% attendance of participants, following respondent qualifications, going over questionnaire pre-test, monitoring daily output of field team and achievement of specified project quota, editing and transmitting completed interviews to encoding team; and validating completed interviews.
  • Supports Research by giving feedback on the field progress status

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