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Our Commitment

RLR Research & Analysis’s priority continues to be the health & safety of our clients, partners, general public and employees . We are taking a proactive approach to operating in our “temporary new normal” to be able to continue to deliver the highest levels of service and flexibility.

Let us help you manage disruption and make informed business decisions

Rely on hard facts for sound decision-making in a time of crisis

Alternative Research Methods
We can track the impact – you get the facts
Navigate the crisis with a reliable partner
Rely on hard facts for sound decision-making in a time of crisis

Analyzing how the disruption is affecting the supply and demand chain


Spotting when market is beginning to recover or decline


Identify and mitigate risks and move on opportunities

Competitor’s coping strategies

Safeguarding business in the short term

This current virus pandemic may feel like a typhoon but there are ways for businesses and retailers to weather the storm, relying on hard facts to understand rapidly changing events.
Alternative Research Methods
We pivot to online quant and qual research for our clients, and we are grateful for your partnership and flexibility as we overcome COVID-19 challenges together. Our CATI and CAWI solutions will reveal for you what is selling, where, when and for how much. We can provide you insights into supply chains and distribution strategies.
RLR Research & Analysis supports the following digital solutions:
A range of digital methods for conducting both qualitative and quantitative research, including telephone interviews, online focus groups, and online in-depth interviews
We are adept at managing hybrid solutions with a single point of contact.
Streaming solutions through software and online platform
We can help you be better equipped to:
Immediately identify changes: in market development, sales share, and sales team performance
Make decisions quickly: insights are available shortly after the week is over
Take corrective action fast: identify risks and opportunities quickly
We can track the impact – you get the facts
Know how consumers are behaving – and how and where they are spending money during the crisis period.
Navigate the crisis with a reliable partner

You need timely and accurate data even more. Our insights, expertise, and the latest data analysis techniques can guide your decisions so you take control, mitigate risks, and secure business results.

Receive fact-based sales insights about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on your own and your competitors’ performance. Models, brands, prices and channels will enable effective decision-making for production, supply chain, and sales management.

Our Commitment